The Bio Sealed


We want your guests, customers, team members, friends, and the public to see you have completed a rigorous disinfection of your establishment, and so do you. The process you have chosen to make is the best in the industry’s standards and should be recognized. You are making a bold statement and letting everyone understand your priorities around safety.

With all that is occurring in the world, we all need reassurance that safety is always kept at the top of our priorities. For this, we have created the Bio Sealed Seal. With the spread of Coronavirus especially, society will want to see that you have followed safety guidelines for handling the virus, so our team will make sure they do.

You will be given an official seal to place on your entrance door for all to see that you went above and beyond to protect those who come to your site. We will place signs in outdoor areas as well that have undergone our certification. This seal will have the date you completed your disinfection and allow others to see when you plan to do it next.

You can then put this on your website, social media, and in visibility of others to see what you have completed. Any further documentation will be in your packet.