Where can Bio Sealed’s services be used?

Our units are designed for portability and for use in a large number of settings. Although relatively medium in size, their exceptional power allows our team the ability to easily treat sealed spaces, anywhere.

Do you service indoor and outdoor establishments?

Yes we do. We have machines that specialize in all applications.

Do you service residential and commercial?

Yes we do. Bio Sealed uses machines that are valid for both types.

Why is medical grade "SMART" dry fog treatment of Hydrogen Peroxide important?

Our machines use technology that allows the fog/mist to achieve maximum efficacy by maintaining an optimal filled space creating a consistent dwell-time, to achieve the best results for disinfecting.

Is it safe around computers, electronics, and fabrics?

Yes! Our system and solutions have been tested extensively (and are subjected to continual testing) for material compatibility.

Is this technology proven?

Yes. Through extensive research and analysis, medical grade “SMART” dry fog treatment of Hydrogen Peroxide through vaporization has been proven to effectively kill 99.9999% of pathogens.

Can I enter the room before the dry-fog dissipates?

A room in the process of dry-fogging can only be entered if using PPE equipment. Our team and systems will monitor the stages of treatment and alert the user when it is safe to reenter the space. After the machines operate it is a maximum of four hours until you are able to return.

How long will it take to treat a space?

There really is no typical time for a treatment as each facility and space has specific needs, requirements, and challenges. For instance, treating a small room will take less time than treating a larger shared space.

What solution is used in your system?

Our dry fog machines use CURoxide which is a disinfecting solution and BioShielf75 which is an active antimicrobial polymer.

Can’t we just use quaternary ammoniums and bleaches?

We are aware of the massive selection of products on the market, but there are many pitfalls in depending upon them to successfully and thoroughly eradicate serious infections in often-complicated settings. Relying on them exclusively simply cannot safeguard your spaces effectively.

Notably, chemicals:

– are most often not applied correctly
– often require a secondary step of rinsing
– may corrode surfaces
– can be toxic to the applicator
– often leave behind toxic residue and odors
– can be deadly if mixed
– may contribute to resistant strains of emerging pathogens

Why use Bio Sealed?

Bio Sealed only uses leading industry technology and solutions to disinfect. Our team specializes in the service to provide maximum results for helping protect our community.